In The Media

News, entertainment, and social media have a powerful influence on public attitudes about youth at higher weights. Children see, hear, and read harmful messages that being thin is necessary to be accepted and attractive in our society.

Parents can take action by paying attention to children’s media exposure and teaching children to become “media-wise.” We’ve created tools to help you and your children better understand the thousands of unhealthy messages in the media. Use these tools to help you talk with your child about the value of health, a positive body image, and weight tolerance. Be sure to include social media in your discussions and advocacy efforts, and address weight-based bullying that is common online (“cyber-bullying”) and at school. 

Did you know…

Studies show that negative stereotypes about body weight are common in popular movies, television shows, books, advertisements, online networking sites, and even major news reports about obesity.

Research shows that the more media youth are exposed to, the more likely they are to express weight bias of their own.

learn the basics

  • fact & action sheet
  • weight bias myths 
  • healthy body image
  • For kids and teens

web resources

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  • Web resources for youth
  • web resources for educators

additional tools

  • social media                     
  • teach kids about weight bias
  • identifying weight bias