• Positive

    • All natural
    • No proprietary blends
    • One or two good ingredient choices
  • Negative

    • Almost everything under dosed
    • Missing key ingredients
    • A few unproven choices
    • Poor serving schedule
    • Too expensive
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  • Price :
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  • Overall Score: 5/10

PhenQ Review

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had 3 emails all asking the same thing. There seems to bit of confusion about the fat burner PhenQ.

We decided to go check it out and to be honest, we’re not surprised.

The prefix ‘Phen’. The use of the letter Q (surely the most science-y of the whole alphabet). The clinical colors used on the website. All of this has understandably led some to think PhenQ is connected to the weight loss drug, phentermine.


Let’s clear that up right now, it’s not. (Even though they’d probably like you to think it is.)

But rather than just reply to those users who asked individually telling them what it’s not, we thought we’d right a review and tell you all what it is.

For a start it’s natural, which phentermine is not. That’s a huge plus in our book right? Well not necessarily. Natural and effective is the only kind of natural we’re interested in.

PhenQ claims to help:

  • Burn fat
  • Improve energy and mood
  • Block fat production
  • Suppress appetite

To its credit, it doesn’t use proprietary blends. We’ve got every ingredient and it’s dose right there on the label. First box ticked.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Calcium to prevent fat absorbtion
  • Caffeine to boost energy and metabolism
  • Capsaicin to stimulate thermogenisis
  • L-carnitine for increased energy
  • Nopal to reduce weight and appetite

The Scores

The Scores

The ingredient profile doesn’t look that strong just based on the names which are there and the ones that aren’t. Once you bring dosages into it though, it’s not much better.

Capsaicin is a great choice for any fat burner, but unbelievably PhenQ includes only 8mg! Calcium may have some weight loss potential but the research isn’t strong enough to justify 650mg, while 150mg of caffeine is okay but could stand to be much higher.

Similarly L-carnitine can help energy, but only in doses far greater than even 143mg. Nopal could be useful in staving those cravings but more research is needed.


Did you ever watch ‘The Price Is Right’ and see those contestants who priced a like a toothbrush at $90?

One of those guys clearly went on to find work costing PhenQ. Okay it’s not in triple digits like some supplements are but it’s confident it can sit amongst some of the best burners available.

To that we say F*Q, PhenQ!


Because PhenQ is only available from the official website, there are no retail site reviews to go on. That’s not a bad thing, we don’t have a lot of faith in those faceless lines of feedback anyway. However it does mean that

a) a product has to have its own testimonial section and
b) its really got to shine.

PhenQ manages the first part of that – there are testimonials – but falls short on the second. We only get a first name and initial, before and after pictures and a short paragraph. You look for full names, accurate photos, starting weights and videos, so these aren’t the most helpful.


Trust wise we do have some issues with PhenQ. Okay so overall it should be safe and it doesn’t use proprietary blends. But presenting itself as the most effective fat burner you can get with these ingredients is not on. Worse, actively trying to piggyback on the reputation of a synthetic weight loss drug. It even uses the phrase ‘pharmaceutical strength.’

Not only is that dishonest, it shows obviously don’t know their market terribly well. Most natural supplement users are that because they want to avoid the drug route.


PhenQ looks to be pretty safe as it’s manufactured in both the U.S and U.K so must comply with strict GMP standards. They also offer free shipping and a money back guarantee, along with a phone number and online feedback form to contact them. Plus we haven’t come across any major complaints against the company.

There are a few touches that we don’t like however. The clinical presentation is misleading, there’s a countdown to the end of a ‘flash sale’ which just seems to reset when it’s done and there’s not a lot of company info. None of these things are crimes, but we’d be more comfortable if they were sorted.

How Do I Take It?

PhenQ’s serving schedule is simple in more ways than one. It’s simple in that it’s not too complicated – with 1 cap twice a day with breakfast and lunch – but it’s also simple in that it’s not terribly smart.

Just 2 servings, front loaded at the start of the day, means this supplement may (and that’s a pretty big may) give you a flying start with your fat burning, but is going to be clocking off around late afternoon.

Think about it. If your first serving only sustains you from breakfast to lunch, how’s your second going to get you all the way to breakfast the next day?

That’s why we recommend supplements that use 4 servings per day. That’s the perfect relay team to keep active ingredients topped up for as long as you need them.

Any PhenQ Side Effects?

This is one section where no news really is good news. Based on the ingredients here it’s very unlikely you’ll feel any negative effects. Unless you have any individual allergies or are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

Where Can I Get It?

PhenQ costs $69.95 or £45.95 from the official website.

Ingredients - In Detail


Calcium has shown weight loss potential - the more there is in a fat cell the faster it burns - but with some privisos.

For one thing it works best paired with vitimin D, if that's missing it probably won't be as effective. For another it tends to help best in cases where the user was not getting adequate calcium from their diet anyway. If your getting plenty of calcium naturally, there's not much evidence that supplementing will bring massive fat burning benefits.




Aliases : Acetyl L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine has consistently proved in scientific studies that it aids the efficient transfer of fatty acids into useable energy, meaning less excess gets stored. The overall impact this has on weight loss had come in for some question of late, but no one’s arguing it’ll give you a sizeable energy boost which can be put to good use in the gym.


Aliases : Prickly pear

This cactus (ground down, don't worry about taking it orally) is rich in fiber so it can help keep you feeling fuller for longer and supress apetite in the right dose. It has also been shown to up the amount fat you pass as waste rather than retain in the body. Hey, it doesn't matter how it goes as long as it goes, right?


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is one of the best natural ways of starting thermogenesis in the body. The capsaicin in this ingredient melts away extra calories by heating the body up, then expends more again as our system tries to cool back down.



Chromium is an essential mineral, found in green leafy amongst other places, which has a role in regulating blood sugars and balancing insulin. Though there's not much evidence it contributes directly to weight loss, the influence on blood sugars means it can help to contol appetite and lower food intake.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Aliases : ALA

Alpha Lipoic Acid may positively affect body weight at high dosages of around 2g, but that's more than your likely to find in most fat burners.

It does have secondary advantages at lower levels however. Around 500mg has been seen to increase blood flow in some cases and also positively influence blood glucose. Both these things may improve energy levels. Not among the MVPs of fat burning, but if the amount is right, not totally useless.


Caffeine / Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine / Caffeine Anhydrous

The first burner regular. Caffeine is a great choice for two reasons; firstly it speeds up your metabolism, burning through far more fat, and secondly it provides energy to help you avoid the slumps that normally come with a low calorie diet.

The 'Anhydrous' part refers to the fact that the water is removed to leave a white, crystalline powder with concentrated potency.


Anything Missing?

A few proven fat burning stables are missing here. As you can see from the price above, PhenQ isn’t shy about asking for the greens from your pocket, but they don’t offer the greens you need.

Green coffee bean and green tea are two of the strongest natural fat burners around. Any burner which doesn’t have them is putting itself at a serious disadvantage.


PhenQ may have the clinical look down, but that’s all it is, a look. It doesn’t have anything like clinical effectiveness. This supplement isn’t so much a wolf in sheep’s clothing as a stripper in doctor’s clothing. Not even a very good stripper.

You can do much better with other burners that are much the same price, so what are you waiting for?

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