• Positive

    • A few good fat burning ingredients
    • Help with appetite
    • Reasonable price
  • Negative

    • Uses proprietary blends
    • Contains debunked Raspberry Ketones
    • Missing key ingredients
    • Good choices under dosed
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  • Price :
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  • Overall Score: 6.0/10

Oxy Shred Review – the HighMark Nutrition version, not the EHPLabs one

This reviewing lark would be a lot easier if supplement names were like car number plates. One per product. First come, first sold. Unfortunately, they’re not, you’ll get the odd doppelganger.

So the first thing to do if you’re interested in Oxy Shred from HighMark Nutrition is not to confuse it with Oxy Shred by EHPLabs.

There’s one way that supplements are similar to cars mind you. It’s really not about the paint job. All that matters is what’s under the hood, how it preforms and if it can get you where you want to be.

Oxy Shred

Oxy Shred certainly sounds good, claiming to help us:

  • Exceed weight loss goals
  • Reduce appetite and cravings
  • Raise energy and stamina

Annoyingly, Oxy Shred stalls the minute you turn it round to check out the ingredients because instead of a full list of components and their amounts, we’ve got 3 proprietary blends. Names then, but no individual dosages.

We hate blends, there’s no legitimate excuse for them. However it doesn’t instantly make for a bad burner so, as far as we can, let’s see what we’ve got.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Caffeine to boost metabolism and energy
  • Green tea to promote thermogenisis
  • Glucomannan to stave off hunger pangs
  • L-Carnitine to help stamina
  • Fursultiamine, L-Tyrosine & Phenylethylamine for focus and mood

The Scores

The Scores

OxyBurn’s biggest problem is the proprietary blend. Caffeine is usually a great in a burner but as an unknown part of a 450mg mix it could be an issue. Too little is ineffective, too much means side effects. We can’t be sure there’s enough of the mood and focus boosting choices it’s alongside either. Likewise Glucomannan which is ordinarily a good way to cut down cravings.

Green tea is great, but shouldn’t be scrapping for a share of just 40mg, especially not against raspberry ketones which are useless. You don’t need much Yohimbe to see benefits however, so that could still be useful. Too much though can cause side-effects (which is why it’s on a list of banned supplement ingredients in the E.U.). L-Carnitine has the potential to help stamina but needs way more than just part of a 7mg blend.


The problems with the formula are somewhat offset by the price of OxyBurn. It’s around the $25 mark. Reasonable for a natural fat burner, but most of us are more interested in losing pounds than saving cash and there a definitely better options out there for that.

So you’ll probably be paying more for better brands, but you’ll be getting plenty more too.


From a purely Amazon review standpoint, Oxy Shred is killing it. Perfect 5 star rating, but you deserve more than that and a short paragraph of praise before committing to anything.

There are a few before and after pictures of first name only users to be fair, but best way to eliminate doubt is with properly in-depth testimonials. Full names, weights, photos videos, paragraphs etc. Going on retail site feedback alone is always a bit of a leap in the dark.

It doesn’t get a great Fakespot rating on these reviews, they reckon one third of them are fake. However, we have seen worse scores that this.

Oxy Shred Fakespot Rating
As far as being dangerous, you’ve no worries with Oxy Shred. It’s made in the USA on GMP and FDA approved premises. Just because something is safe doesn’t mean it’s good however.

Morris dancing is pretty safe for example. In this case we’re not crazy about the proprietary blends, especially where stimulants are concerned. Plus some quality ingredients are below active levels.

Perfectly Safe


There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there about HighMark Nutrition as a company. All we could find was a now closed competition to help them design a new label.

We can be fairly sure they’re above board thanks to the association with Amazon, where they do all their marketing. Still, a little more background would be nice. There’s also the small matter of a money back guarantee and where to go to claim it.

How Do I Take It?

Users should apparently take 1 capsule in the morning for no longer than 8 weeks, then take 2 weeks off.

This, we’re told will give you a sustained 8 hours of fat burning help. We don’t buy that because typically each serving of a booster only lasts about half that and as we’ve seen there’s nothing that special about Oxy Shred.

Any Oxy Shred Side Effects?

We can’t see much in the way of problems with Oxy Shred’s ingredient list apart from the fact that we’re unclear on dosages. Anytime that’s the case it’s impossible to rule out issues completely. If they’ve overdone it with the caffeine for example, expect headaches, nausea, insomnia dizziness, racing heart and so on.

Where Can I Get It?

Oxy Shred is available from Amazon.com for $25

Ingredients - In Detail

Caffeine / Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine / Caffeine Anhydrous

The first burner regular. Caffeine is a great choice for two reasons; firstly it speeds up your metabolism, burning through far more fat, and secondly it provides energy to help you avoid the slumps that normally come with a low calorie diet.

The 'Anhydrous' part refers to the fact that the water is removed to leave a white, crystalline powder with concentrated potency.


Phenylethylamine HCI

Phenylethylamine HCI

Though completely natural, this ingredient is often referred to informally as the love drug due to marked mood boosting powers observed in some studies. So much so that it is sometimes utilized as part of treatment for depression and anxiety. Besides this it has also shown an ability to increase focus and concentration.




An effective natural appetite suppressant which owing to its high fibre contentment swells in the stomach, making the user feel fuller sooner and less inclined to get hungry for longer.

Glucommanan is the only ingredient which is allowed to be marketed in the UK as a 'proven appetite suppressant'. So in other words ... it works.



An ingredient included to aid cognition. In clinical trials it has displayed modest benefits with conditions like Alzheimer’s and some cases of autism, so does appear to help the overall health of the brain.

In studies on rats it has shown it can boost performance and reduce fatigue, but human trials have been mixed so far.




Aliases : Tyrosine

No direct fat burning benefits in this case, but it does promote feel good hormones such as dopamine and in studies has shown it is able to improve both cognition and focus.

Potentially helpful for getting your head in the game on those days when you’d rather do anything but workout.



Green Tea

Green Tea

Key to any fat burner’s effectiveness is it's thermogenic profile and they don’t come much more impressive than this powerful antioxidant. Green Tea’s catechins stimulate a fat burning hormone called norepinephrine, which naturally raises the body temperature, vastly increasing the number of calories burnt.


Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones

A fad ingredient and a total waste. Caused a real stir in the fat burning world for a short time after being featured on Dr Oz’s show as the next big thing, but in reality has only managed results in lab rats at absolutely huge doses. If these amounts were to be scaled up for humans we would need multiple grams.




Yohimbe is an effective fat burner in the right dose because it blocks the alpha receptors in the brain which limit fat burning. Too much yohimbe can cause side effects such as dizziness and nausea.


Kola Nut

Aliases : Centella asiatica, Gotu Kola

This nut has been used in traditional chinese medicine for a long time mainly as a cognitive booster of sorts. It has shown promise in naturally slowly reducing anxiety when taken at levels of around 500mg for 2 months.




Aliases : Acetyl L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine has consistently proved in scientific studies that it aids the efficient transfer of fatty acids into useable energy, meaning less excess gets stored. The overall impact this has on weight loss had come in for some question of late, but no one’s arguing it’ll give you a sizeable energy boost which can be put to good use in the gym.

Anything Missing?

Almost every aspect of what Oxy Shred aims to deliver on could be improved. Masses more green tea, cayenne pepper and green coffee bean would boost natural fat melting thermogenesis. Chromium and B vitamins would be a good addition to help energy levels.


Maybe HighMark Nutrition should have spent less time on designing a new label and a bit more on designing a new burner. To be fair, Oxy Shred isn’t terrible but it’s far from a standout star, and you can do much better with your money.

If Oxy Shred was a car it certainly wouldn’t be fast lane material, more just middle of the road. Like, maybe a Toyota Corolla.

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