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    • All natural
    • Great thermogenic ingredients
    • Effective appetite regulation
    • Strong metabolism, energy and focus boosters
    • No proprietary blends
    • Trustworthy company
    • Available Worldwide, ships from US and UK
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    • Available from official website only
    • Premium product = premium price
    • Packs a punch - may be too strong for some
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  • Overall Score: 9.2/10

Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout doesn’t mess about. A formula originally designed for MMA fighters and boxers to cut before a bout, it was famously used by legendary MMA fighter Diego Sanchez to drop two weight classes for his comeback (he won on the scales but lost in the octagon).

It’s an impressive back story, MMA is a world where one stray love handle can make the difference between a championship and a choke out.

The product has no shortage of admirers, but does Instant Knockout’s formula really match its rep?

Its goals are simple:

  • Burn fat with thermogenesis
  • Suppress appetite so you need to eat less
  • Fire up your metabolism
  • Raise energy levels to help you keep working out through the calorie deficit
Instant Knockout

So every box ticked on paper, let’s see if Instant Knockout can make the competition tap out in the octagon.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Green tea and cayenne pepper promote thermogenesis
  • Caffeine raises metabolism and boosts energy
  • Glucomannan to help control appetite
  • B vitamins to further support fat burning

We’ll get into these ingredients and their doses in a minute, but right now let’s check the overall scores…

The Scores

The Scores

Difficult to fault any of the choices. This formula meets each of the BIG 3.

1. Green tea and cayenne pepper will fire up your fat burning furnace
2. Caffeine and green coffee bean get the metabolism moving
3. Glucomannan helps naturally take the edge of any hunger cravings

Plus vitamins and minerals such as B6, B12 & zinc help ensure a healthy, holistic approach to dropping the wrong kind of weight while still lifting the right ones. Top marks.

Note: The formula was updated in 2016 to reduce the caffeine slightly and include a lot more glucomannan. This was based on user feedback apparently, subsequently the product is even more effective than when it was initially released.


Instant Knockout is certainly no budget option, and it’s only sold in one location. No discounts, no Black Friday deals etc.

That old saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ doesn’t have to be negative though, and here you really do. Excellent ingredients and strong endorsements from athletes in peak physical shape.

If you’re looking for premium quality in a burner, Instant Knockout as good as we’ve seen. Look at it this way, buying direct from the manufacturer guarantees Instant Knockout and no Instant Knockoffs.

Plus the more you buy, the more you save, the 3 box deal gets and extra box free.


There’s zero evidence of Instant Knockout being any kind of scam. The website is professional and features detailed physiological knowledge backed up by scientific research. You just don’t see this kind of time and effort put in from those just after your cash.

Athlete’s endorsements indicates genuine quality. These guys are highly trained athletes whose bodies are their living; they’re not going to risk putting anything suspect in there.


The Instant Knockout website testimonials section is full of feedback from ordinary people who’ve seen transformations. Users vary in age, gender, starting weight and reason for using.

These are real testimonials, there is no question. Before and after shots, videos, the person’s story, name, location etc.

These kind of details that separates personal P.B’s from professional P.R. Of course this is the official site, but most of the other reviews we found were also extremely positive.

Here are a few of our favorite testimonials;

Travis Lord, USA

“Like a lot of people, my main reason I was looking for a fat burner that actually worked was because I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror.

No, it’s not a “miracle cure all” but it’s probably the next best thing. Add in the fact that it has natural ingredients and it becomes a no brainier choice. I immediately felt more energy and my appetite was definitely suppressed helping me with my portion control.

Not only did I lose weight and burnt off that stubborn fat. I also saw muscle growth and lifting gains in the gym! Which I unheard of with most fat burners. I will definitely continue using Instant Knockout in my fitness journey!”

Nick, USA

“The results seen from Instant Knockout, while mixed with proper diet and training is amazing. I’ve tried a few other fat burners and none seemed to work as well as Instant Knockout.

In a single month I went from 187 pounds down to 179 while strength training. I purchased a 4 month supply of instant knockout and I’m excited to see what results I will have in the future.”

OK – we know. The site is called HowToLiveHealthy and Maz is in a bikini. Checkout the transformation though, wow!

Maz Delacerna, Australia

“I decided to try instant knockout after trying several other fat burners and after tons of research, I took the leap. Boy am I glad I did!

If you are contemplating on trying it out I highly recommend it. Instant knockout has helped me kickstart my journey and I am now a bikini competitor. I cant believe I was once 25kg heavier and now able to be on stage!”


No problems here either. Roar Ambition is a very high profile company, based in the U.K who work with nutritional experts, scientists and athletes to produce safe, natural supplements. Admirably they also re-evaluate ingredients every six months in case the formula needs updating.

At the end of the day, they’re big players in the supplement market, so if there were any issues with this company, we’d know about it by now.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 3-4 servings of 1 capsule spaced out evenly during the day. This is smart because it ensures the fat burning effects are topped up and there’s no drop off, which you might get with fewer servings.

Any Instant Knockout Side Effects?

You’ll see when we get into the ingredients in a minute there’s no danger of serious side effects. However caffeine is a stimulant and, as with all supplements containing caffeine, you should be careful how many double espressos you knock it back with.

As long as you’re sensible about when you take your serving and don’t make it a regular part of any nightcap, there’s no reason for concern on the side effects front.

Where Can I Get It?

Instant Knockout is only available from the official website. It retails for $59 (£35) for a one month supply of 120 capsules. Not cheap, certainly, but as we’ve seen you are paying for a quality product. They do offer discounts if you buy a multibox bundle.

If all else fails and you’re not satisfied, there’s a 90 day money back guarantee, which is always a nice safety net.

Back Story

The whole MMA aspect of Instant Knockout is interesting, particularly this video which seems kind of hidden on their website. A shame, they’ve got a whole page about Diego Sanchez and his legendary drop from 195lbs to 145lbs to fight in the featherweight division of the UFC, which he achieved using the product.

Instant Knockout Ingredients – In Detail

Green Tea

Green Tea

Even though it contains a small level of caffeine (we’ll see why that’s important in a minute) key to green tea’s success is its catechins. These nutrients act in the body to increase the supply of our main fat burning hormone, norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine naturally heats up the body, melting extra calories in the process, then as our system works to cool itself back down, we burn off excess fat.

Just one cup of this antioxidant packed herb can burn as much as 5.7g of body fat, so Instant Knockout’s generous 500mg will be a massive help.


Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean

Ah, green coffee bean, this must be the caffeine, right?. Well, no actually.

Green coffee bean is a great pick because it’s rich in chlorogenic acid. This prevents the breakdown of glucose in the liver, removing that as an energy source. Needing a replacement, your body raids those excess fat stores and starts burning through them.

100mg in each of 4 servings is a strong dose and should get the job done.




Glucomannan is a fibrous root, included here for one simple purpose. Once ingested it expands in the stomach, making you feel fuller and lowering the desire to eat for longer.

A study by University College London also suggested that fiber rich foods trigger the a chemical called acetate, which works on the brain to reduce cravings

It’s worth pointing out that glucomannan is currently the only ingredient which products in the UK can officially declare clinically proven to suppress appetite.

Not all natural burners offer help with cravings, so the fact that Instant Knockout doesn’t just leave you to white knuckle through is a real plus.




Most of us know about caffeine and its effects, but maybe not that these effects can help to naturally burn fat.

Not only does it speed up your metabolism considerably, the energy kick it gives can help you avoid stamina crashes that result from a lower calorie diet.

The key is getting the right dose. It’s great but everyone knows what happens when you have one too many cups of coffee. Too much caffiene can cause unplesant side effects, but unless your particularly sensitive Instant Knockout’s amount seems about right.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know cayenne pepper has thermogenic effects. Any one of us who’s ever tried to get a little too brave in a Mexican restaurant will already know.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be sweating buckets this time, all the burning goes on below the radar through the day.

The capsicum in this cayenne raises the body’s core temperature, again forcing it to start a regulating process to cool the body back down. Both heating up and cooling down takes extra energy, which burns through more calories. Even if you’re at rest.


Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6

Vitamins B6 & B12

These two may play a supporting role to the headline acts above, but they’re still important.

Vitamin B12 is an effective energy booster which also helps speed up the metabolism and encourage muscle growth by improving the efficiency of essential protein processing.

Both help energy levels and metabolism efficiency, while B6 in particular is useful for better allowing glycogen to turn into glucose internally. This prevents us from requiring more carbs externally in our diet. B6 also promotes muscle growth by increasing the absorption of vital amino acids and proteins. More muscle, less fat.

Black Pepper

Other Ingredients

  • Zinc
  • Chromium GTF
  • Black Pepper Extract


As a package, Instant Knockout is definitely the strongest natural fat burner we’ve seen yet. Remember, it’s made to support guys and girls doing just about the most physically demanding thing you could expect a body to do, so it would have to be.

Instant Knockout is a really difficult product to fault, if we had one small complaint it’s that the price is a little high, but everything about this product reassures you that you’re paying for quality.

Remember however much it hurts paying a little extra for top of the line, it still beats the hell out of climbing into a cage and having to fight for it.

Studies Quoted in the Review

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Comment List

  • Dan Carter 28th July 2018

    I watched the MMA fighter videos on the Instant Knockout site, their is one with Diego Sanchez talking about taking his in the morning with coffee. Is this right?

    • Harry McKay 28th July 2018

      This is a good question – really the answer to that is probably ‘No’. Instant Knockout doesn’t have a lot of caffeine in it compared to other supplements (it got reduced in 2015 I think to make way for more glucomannan) but it’s got enough that you should be careful about extra caffeine intake via coffee. This is a good thing btw, supps that just load tons of caffeine in don’t score highly on this site.

      Although of course there’s no synephrine / bitter orange in this product so you wouldn’t have to worry about caffeine from that point of view.

      I think it’s fair to say that Diego probably plays by his own rules 😉

      Thanks for opening up the comments!


  • Dan Carter 28th July 2018

    Lol yeah I love the guy but I would not want to tell him how to eat his breakfast

  • H. Suarez 31st July 2018

    If this glucomannan stuff is so good how come hardly any fat burners have it in?

    • Harry McKay 31st July 2018

      Great question. We’ve asked ourselves this same question. It boils down to a number of reasons imo;

      1. Badly thought out formulas. Look at the scores on this site, most products just haven’t been thought out that well. They tend to have far too much in the way of stimulants in them, and nowhere near enough help on appetite suppression
      2. Cost. It’s not a cheap ingredient to have. Lots of supplements (particularly ones with the dreaded ‘proprietary blends’) just pack in cheap filler ingredients and have trace elements of the expensive ones
      3. Space. Glucomannan is big. It physically takes up a lot of room in a pill – which makes sense, once it’s in your stomach it expands even more to stop you feeling hungry. Roar Ambition changed the Instant Knockout formula in 2015 to include more gulcomannan and the pills are now much bigger than before, other products literally don’t make room for it.

      We’d like to see it used more. Glucomannan is proven to reduce appetite. And we don’t use the word proven lightly.

      In fact in the UK it is the only substance where a manufacturer is allowed to claim that it has been proven to suppress hunger pangs. That’s a big deal, in the UK you don’t get to make outlandish claims, there are strict controls on the language used in relation to supplement ingredients.

  • Chris Soames 1st August 2018

    WTF? When I Google ‘Instant Knockout’ there are eBay lniks of guys selling it for £49.95. That’s £15 more than you can buy it off the official website. I don’t get it.


    • Harry McKay 1st August 2018

      We don’t get it either Soamo. There must be entrepreneurs buying it and selling it on eBay. Which is fair enough, no law against that. Does seem a bit weird that anybody would buy it though, at about 43% markup on the price you get it from official channels. It’s not like it’s a concert ticket with limited availability.

      Any expert eBayers here want to enlighten us, are we missing something?

  • Chris 22nd September 2018

    I use to work out a bunch but I had some minor health issues that set me back a bit. I’m 40 years old, and I’m struggling with energy levels while trying to get back on the horse. I have high blood pressure, but it’s medically controlled, and is doing well. Is this a good supplement for me?

    • Harry McKay 25th September 2018

      Hi Chris – good question. As I always say when someone asks about a supplement and whether it’ll interfere with prescribed medication. If in doubt, ask your physician.

      The issue is the caffeine. Do you already drink coffee and does that affect your blood pressure? Instant Knockout doesn’t have as high a caffeine content as some fat burners, but it does contain a reasonable amount. There is some evidence that caffeine can influence the effectiveness of blood pressure control drugs;


      But I would do some more research into it if I was you. As ask you doctor (I’ll say it again). Hope this helps a bit,


  • Sal 22nd September 2018

    You should update the site, they are shipping Instant Knockout to Mexico now via USPS. Thought you should know.

  • Ancho 27th September 2018

    I got a box of this and wanted my money back and they sade I couldnt have my money back.

    • Harry McKay 28th September 2018

      It’s a 90 day guarantee – but it only applies if you’ve taken the product for 90 days. That’s what the guarantee is, if you take the product for 90 days, workout and look after yourself and you are not happy at the end of it you get your money back.

      They are not daft, if anybody takes Instant Knockout for 90 days, sticks to a good diet and works out throughout it then they will be absolutely shredded at the end of it. I bet they don’t get asked for many refunds.

      Just remember, this isn’t some magic pill. Sure, it helps a lot. It keeps the hunger down and the energy up, gets your body properly burning off fat. It can’t do it on it’s own though, you have to help it. If you are sitting on the couch in front of the TV eating chips then don’t expect a fat burner to work its magic.

      As for getting a refund on one box, there’s no manufacturer that would do that. Like anyone else, Roar Ambition will refund unused boxes but not a half eaten one. It’s like going back to the supermarket and asking for a refund on half a pie which you didn’t like. They would look at you like you’d just dropped off a Christmas tree.

      We’ve said it before and we say it again – read the Ts and Cs. They are only a short page long, not some 114 page long Apple Inc. style terms and conditions that no consumer in their right mind would ever read.



  • Ian 19th January 2019

    Great site and reviews.

    I hadn’t heard of Glucomannan until reading this so just spent 45 mins reading papers on it.

    Here is one

    There is tons of research to show little evidence of it doing any effect at all. This paper shows the placebo was almost identical.

    But, I suppose any help is better than none and it won’t make miracles.

    So I’m British, need to lose 2 stone (14lbs), and haven’t been to the gym in 5yrs. Would you take anything else with this like pre workouts, or would that increase the caffeine intake too much?

    Would taking protein and other supplements be a good idea?

    Cheers guys

    • Harry McKay 20th January 2019

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s interesting, there’s a good article on the Instant Knockout blog that actually uses that study as a reference. Not about effectiveness, about the safety of the ingredient.

      The problem I’ve got with that study is this phrase;

      overweight and moderately obese individuals consuming self-selected diets

      So overweight people were just eating what they liked and also consuming Glucomannan. I’m just not surprised that didn’t work for them.

      As we always say about these fat burning products – they are not a magic wand. I wouldn’t expect those participants to lose significant weight even taking the full blend of 12 fat burning ingredients if they were eating the same diet that got them fat in the first place and doing no exercise. Never mind only one of the ingredients in isolation.

      Take this study for example, a calorie controlled diet study involving 176 men and women;

      Glucomannan induced body weight reduction in healthy overweight subjects, whereas the addition of guar gum and alginate did not seem to cause additional loss of weight.

      The important part of the abstract is this

      supplements plus a balanced 1200 kcal diet induced significantly weight reduction more than placebo and diet alone.

      Fat burners are only one of the strings in the bow. They help lose weight, but they are not going to do it all on their own. Exercise, dietary restraint alongside a fat burner – that combo will get the weight shifted. A 1200 kcal diet is going to do it on it’s own to be fair, that ain’t much food!! But the point being that the Glucomannan accelerated the weight loss further.

      In relation to pre-workouts and Instant Knockout, I read somewhere (think it was somewhere on the 4 Gauge blog) that they were specifically designed to work together. The Instant Knockout caffeine content was reduced down to 300mg a day so the 4 Gauge level could be 150mg (daily tolerable upper limit being 450mg, but I REALLY wouldn’t suggest anybody doing both of those together should have a coffee as well). Bear in mind you’d take a fat burner every day but you’ll only use a pre-workout about 3 times a week realistically.

      There should be no issue taking protein and/or creatine too, if I was you I’d get them from Bulk Powders – https://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/

      Hope this all helps, good luck with your mission! That 2 stone will be gone by Xmas if you dig in and stay focused 🙂


    • Harry McKay 20th January 2019

      Oh, almost forgot – thanks a lot for the kind words about the site! 🙂

  • Tom Munds 28th January 2019

    Harry, I have spent more time on your pages than most others because I see your interaction with the guys and you have lots of good info. I too have spent hours trying to find “the Truth” and it is very difficult. At 56, suffering from a variety of age-related issues, I did just buy Prime Male and look forward to offering a review but as it relates to this page on burners, I don’t use em to burn fat, I found them a great way to use them during the day when I lack the energy to make it through the day. Driving 5k mikes a month, sometimes I need that boost. Any way, I am looking for reviews on the potency of burners and length of time before crash if crash exists. Currently I am using Novaburn and it is gnarly and agressive and lasts ALL DAY LONG and for months without assimilation! I work out regularly and work long hours! Maybe I missed it but do any of your reviews cover the intensity of these burners? Thanks

    • Harry McKay 28th January 2019

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the thoughts, and thanks for the kind words about the site you sent too. To be honest we’ve not looked at scoring the intensity as a good thing as it’s not really what most people want. It gives people the jitters, stops them enjoying things like coffee (as the dosages of caffeine are often already so high), and in some cases excessive mixed stimulants are just downright dangerous.

      In fact, as you’ll see from a lot of our reviews, manufacturers that just stuff tons of cheap stimulants into their fat burners don’t get high marks here. Same goes for pre-workouts. We’ve not reviewed Novaburn but it would not score well – a proprietary blend with unknown quantities of synephrine combined with Methlyxanthine Anhydrous (which is just another name for caffeine)? I wouldn’t take that. Fair play if you like it, just watch out for that 56 year old heart of yours bursting at the seams from a product which keeps you buzzing all day on one pill! 🙂 Put it this way, some countries have banned products which contain both together.

      It sounds like you are wasting money getting a fat burner if you just want the energy from stimulants. You could just buy one of these brutal high-stim pre-workouts, it’d work out much cheaper. Or just some plain ole caffeine pills for rock bottom cheapness.

      Best of luck with it sir!


  • Tom Munds 28th January 2019

    RE: about burners (cont.) : I also forgot, due to expense and convenience, I have looked for products that only require 1 pill a day, which I see as a testament of its strength. Taking multiple pills a day is a pocket drainer.

  • oss 22nd February 2019

    I have suffered a fight with arsenic. Result is 47 LBs of unwanted fat and extreme levels of cortisol, so I am now on a low anti-inflammatory diet. So after my over share, I’m looking to get rid of this unwanted weight do you recommend this for a 6 month use.

    • Harry McKay 22nd February 2019

      Hi Oss,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been poisoned with arsenic, sounds like you won your fight though. I can’t think of any reason why Instant Knockout isn’t compatible with a low-inflammatory diet if that’s what you are asking.

      And to answer your question – yes, we rate this as our number one fat burner for a whole numbers of reasons we’ve gone into in the review. You are sensible to try and lose the weight over a six month period, there’s many that would try to crash diet it. Remember to incorporate it as part of a full lifestyle and exercise change though. And you don’t have to purchase 6 months supply in one go, the 90 day package gets you a free box and qualifies you for the 90 day guarantee too.

      Good luck with it!!


  • zach 27th February 2019

    Is this ok to take if you are not doing ” the most physically demanding thing a body can do”? I plan to work out, however it will not be to an MMA fighter level.

    • Harry McKay 27th February 2019

      Best comment yet, thanks Zach 🙂 . Yes, if Instant Knockout was only for MMA fighters they’d have a pretty small market. I think I read somewhere they’ve done over 150,000 orders worldwide. There’s not that many MMA fighters I reckon.

      I think the whole MMA thing came from way back about 4 years ago when it was formulated. Basically Roar Ambition decided to create a proper hardcore fat burner as they were sponsoring Diego Sanchez and John Dodson at the time. Anyway, it got released and went massive. And wouldn’t you know it, also went massive with women … which they weren’t expecting at all.

      So no, you don’t have to be an MMA fighter to take Instant Knockout. But you might just turn into one at the end of your bottle! 😉


  • CB 22nd March 2019

    Harry McKay, your response about the guarantee is confusing to say the least. You wrote “It’s a 90 day guarantee—but it only applies if you’ve taken the product for 90 days” ….Key word here is TAKEN. Then you wrote “Like anyone else, Roar Ambition will refund unused boxes but not a half eaten one.”
    Let me ask you….How are you going to TAKE the product and get a refund if the company will only refund UNUSED products?????
    Also, the original person making a comment, never wrote whether or not their box/bottle was used or unused. Please explain, thanks

    • Harry McKay 22nd March 2019

      Hi CB,

      Sorry, I thought I was being clear – but I see that I wasn’t, thanks for the question. I see the reason for the confusion though, I’m essentially talking about two different things but not making that clear enough;

      1. The 90 Day Guarantee. You have to take the product for 90 days. They used to ask you to log everything you ate and your workout guide but I believe that’s changed now. Basically if you take it for 90 days and you are not happy then you send in the empty bottles and you get a refund. As I mention elsewhere, they ask for the empty bottles so they know you’ve not just sold them on eBay.

      2. You are not happy and want a refund. This is nothing to do with the 90 day guarantee, let’s say you bought two bottles and started taking one of them and for whatever reason you decided you didn’t want to take the second one. You can send that back in and get a refund on it. You can’t get a refund on the one you started using as the seal will be broken on it and as you can imagine that can’t then be resold.

      Hope that helps clear things up. Roar Ambition customer services are really helpful, just ask them on their live chat if there’s anything that you don’t understand about their ts and cs.



  • Jim 10th April 2019

    Do you have to take this supplement for the rest of your life to keep the results if you continue with the proper workout and diet? That could get expensive. Are there any setbacks or a return to where you started once you stop taking the supplements?

    • Harry McKay 10th April 2019

      Hi Jim,

      No, definitely not. There are categories of supplement that people take continuously as a lifestyle product but fat burners are not one I’d recommend taking for a prolonged period of time. They should be taken for a specific period as part of a regime to get users down to a healthy weight level again.

      After that you should try to monitor weight levels and keep them at healthy levels without the need for a supplement. And I would also not expect some kind of ‘rebound’ effect when you stop taking something like Instant Knockout.

      In my experience, you see this kind of rebound when the weight has come off as a result of some kind of dramatic and unsustainable diet. Zero carbs diets, 800 calorie diets etc – the weight falls off for a few weeks, the person cannot sustain it, they start eating normally again and their body piles weight on as it’s been pushed into a feast/famine cycle.

      If you buy a fat burner and spend a few months getting your eating under control and introducing exercise you’ll find you can get the weight coming off at a manageable pace. Not breaking records with a crash diet. By the end of a few months those lifestyle changes will be normalized and your body adjusted to new calorie levels without craving junk. You can them stop taking the fat burner and get on with healthy living.

      Hope this helps,