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    • Some good fat burning choices
    • No proprietary blends
    • Reasonably priced
  • Negative

    • Some ingredients under dosed
    • Certain choices could be more convincing
    • No help with appetite control
    • Not available in U.S
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  • Overall Score: 8.3/10

Grenade Black Ops Review

As a hardened reviewer, I consider myself immune to most of the marketing razzle dazzle supplements trot out. But I have to admit the idea of getting shredded with military precision still gets me pretty excited, so Grenade Black Ops was always going to get a look.

Grenade Black Ops

The makers claim it has a shorter action time than Grenade Thermo, their previous burner.

This apparently makes it better suited to High Intensity Interval Training, but essentially the aims are the same. Lower body fat, increased energy and improved focus are the objectives, so is it mission accomplished.

All the ingredients are lined up awaiting inspection, which should be your starting point for selecting a good burner. There’s never any need to camouflage ingredients behind proprietary blends.

Let’s engage! (Sorry, you can tell I’m excited, can’t you?)

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Green tea & cayenne to promote thermogenisis
  • Caffeine to stimulate metabolism and energy
  • Vitamin B6 to support fat burning
  • Blue green algae to increase power output
  • Taurine for stamina
  • Choline to sharpen focus

The Scores

The Scores

Grenade Black Ops is a little patchy to say the least. The cayenne peper is there in a solid amount and will definitely have an effect, as will the caffeine, though there may be too much for some so buckle up for a bumpy ride. After that there’s more a problem with dosage than anything. Green tea is a great choice and deserves more than just a 100mg, while blue green algae and choline have promise, but come in at under active doses according to research. On the flip side, based on clinical evidence taurine’s amount is generous. The details let Grenade Black Ops down.


Just over £20 for 100 capsules is cheap by burner standards and this combined with the cool packaging and slick marketing might make it tempting to some. It’s worth remembering though – as you’ll see if you read on- that you’re only really paying for two, maybe three guarunteed effective ingredients. Better to save your money and maybe shell out a little more for a brand with no weak links.


We always prefer brands to make room for a dedicated testimonial section, and even though Blacks Ops does offer user reviews, there’s nothing like the detail we need. The Amazon reviews on balance are positive, but there are plenty of people claiming it did nothing for them or that they found the stimulant hit unpleasant. You want to be sure about these products before you commit to buy, and retail reviews just don’t offer enough.


There’s plenty to give Grenade Black Ops credit for here. It’s made in Britain and has to apply with manufacturing laws, so isn’t dangerous and it doesn’t hide anything behind proprietary blends. There are also clinical studies cited for each formula choice on the offical website. However a lot of those studies and others actually user higher levels to get results than the supplement offers and a few have only so far been tested on rats.


Alan and Juliet Barret a husband and wife team based in the U.K city of Coventry run Grenade. They claim to  work with special forces to develop supplements which will give the absolute pinnacle of performance. They have a very impressive set up, with  wide range of supplements that ship worldwide (though Black Ops doesn’t appear to have reached the U.S) We take issue with their formula choices but other than that, they seem very legit.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 2 capsules immediately on waking then another 2 half an hour before exercise (or lunch on non-workout days)

This misses the mark in our opinion. As we always say, just 2 servings positioned that early are bound to see effects tail off before you do.

We know Grenade say this product is designed to have a shorter action time, but why? Far better to find a well rounded burner that uses 4 evenly spaced servings to give you a full day of fat blitzing.

Any Grenade Black Ops Side Effects?

Grenade Black Ops say their formula manages to avoid the jitters you get with a lot of burners that use stimulant. But with almost 300mg per serving we struggle to see how.

Unless your the kind of person who’s injecting espresso once or twice a day, chances are the caffeine will be a bit of a shock to the system. Racing heart, headaches, nausea, insomnia – everything you’d expect from a caffeine happy product, are a possibility.

Where Can I Get It?

You can purchase 100 caps of Grenade Black Ops from Amazon.co.uk for £21.84. It is not currently widely available in the U.S.

Ingredients - In Detail

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3

This nutrient is useful in a number of general ways but specific to weight loss it provides a useful energy and encourages the production of L-Carnitine, an enzyme crucial to making the fat burning process more efficient.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

A good choice for a fat burner not only for it potent antioxidant qualities but its noted metabolism boosting effects. B6 also promotes muscle growth by increasing the absorption of vital amino acids and proteins and muscles equal less body fat.



Chromium is an essential mineral, found in green leafy amongst other places, which has a role in regulating blood sugars and balancing insulin. Though there's not much evidence it contributes directly to weight loss, the influence on blood sugars means it can help to contol appetite and lower food intake.

Caffeine / Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine / Caffeine Anhydrous

The first burner regular. Caffeine is a great choice for two reasons; firstly it speeds up your metabolism, burning through far more fat, and secondly it provides energy to help you avoid the slumps that normally come with a low calorie diet.

The 'Anhydrous' part refers to the fact that the water is removed to leave a white, crystalline powder with concentrated potency.




Taurine is an amino acid often included in energy drinks. Although this suggests it helps stamina, in fact it seems to be most promising in helping users to recover after exercise. More research needs to be carried out before we can say for sure this is an essential ingredient though.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is one of the best natural ways of starting thermogenesis in the body. The capsaicin in this ingredient melts away extra calories by heating the body up, then expends more again as our system tries to cool back down.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate

Once ingested Choline interacts with certain neurotransmitters, theoretically helping to improve areas such as memory, attention and muscle control. It doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table as far as actual fat burning and is likely included as an attempt to keep you mentally sharp and stave off any sluggishness resulting from your low calorie diet.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Key to any fat burner’s effectiveness is it's thermogenic profile and they don’t come much more impressive than this powerful antioxidant. Green Tea’s catechins stimulate a fat burning hormone called norepinephrine, which naturally raises the body temperature, vastly increasing the number of calories burnt.




A chemical relative of caffeine, this is a stimulant but not a psychoactive one. It instead stimulates the heartbeat. In theory then it could absolutely help with fat loss, but we’d like to see stronger evidence backing this up. Often pitched in fat burners as an appetite regulator, but evidence for that is scarce.

In rare cases can also cause side effects.

Blue Green Algae

Blue Green Algae

Blue Green Algae has the potential to be useful in a number of areas including blood flow, power out put and lipid oxidation. However results have been seen only in high doses of 1g and above, considerably more than most burners will use.



A brand name for black pepper extract included to help absorb the active ingredients.

Anything Missing?

Grenade Black Ops falls into the trap a lot of burners do by not providing any help with appetite. Maybe they feel you should have the will power to resist, but when you’re losing weight that fridge is a clear and present danger. How hard is it to include a naturally fiberous ingredient to keep the user feeling full?


Grenade Black Ops is more up and down than a platoon of new recruits on an obstacle course. Some good ingredients and a reasonable price are let down some poor dosing choices and a serving schedule that needs work. There’s definitely better to be had out there.

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