Contenders ready!

It's that time again ladies and gents. Larry Leroux and Chase Gains here to take you through another Battle Royale, Shred Jym from Jim Stoppani challenges Instant Knockout by Roar Ambition.
Let's get a look at some of that Shred cred, Larry!


Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout ingredient line up may not be the busiest you’ll see, but it’s very much a case of quality over quantity. 500mg of green tea, 100mg of green coffee bean and 100mg of cayenne pepper are all well-judged levels of strong, natural, fat burners. You can add to that 350mg of caffeine which will not only seriously step up your metabolism, but also guard against energy slumps connected to reduced calorie intake. B vitamins also help with that also and glucomannan will defend against snack attacks. 4 servings a day is ideal too.

The formula is the most important part of any supplement, Larry, so even if Instant Knockout drops points later, at its core it's still a great performer.
Fitting that Instant Knockout comes in an oversized fist shaped bottle, Chase, because it deserves a big hand.

Shred Jym

Shred Jym has a similarly compact formula and actually matches Instant Knockout’s levels of green tea, which is great. It also has cayenne pepper and caffeine but lower amounts. There’s more of a focus on energy to shift weight the old fashioned way, with a big serving of L-Carnitine. L-Tyrosine also features which has been seen to reduce stress and improve mood. The only real issues we’ve got is the use of synephrine – which when paired with caffeine can cause serious side effects – and the lack of any help with appetite. 3 servings a day is decent though.

Shred Jym looks good in spots Chase, but I notice no aid for appetite control. Is that considered cheating? Should it it all about will power?
No way man! Any safe, natural help with hunger is good in my book, Larry. Better to cheat than Cheeto, bro.


Instant Knockout

If you were going to have second thoughts about Instant Knockout it’ll be when your eyes move from the label on to the price tag. At $60/£35 no-one’s pretending this is cheap. But actually it’s far from the most expensive burner you’ll find and it’s so strong across the board that we genuinely would consider it a sound investment and good value for money.

Shred Jym

Shred Jym is considerably cheaper and the formula has highlights, but it’s just not quite as potent as Instant Knockout. Not in the right way anyway. The price might be lower but thanks to that one questionable ingredient, the risk is higher. At $35/£29 though, considering there are decent levels of a few good ingredients, it’s probably pretty good value for a budget option.

Instant Knockout walks the walk then, but what about Shred Jym, Chase?
It has it's problems Larry, but the low price means on a scale of F-you to value, it's probably up the right end


Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is pretty impressive when it comes to gaining your trust. For starters the supplement itself is made on cGMP inspected premises, so there’s no worries as far as safety. The website contains detailed authentic testimonials from men and women at various stages of their weight loss efforts. We’re not talking a first name and paragraph either, there’s full names, in-depth written statements photos and videos. If you’re still not convinced though there’s a free 90 day money back guarantee.

Shred Jym

Shred Jym is also cGMP certified plus it is produced by Jim Stoppani, who is very well respected on the supplement scene. We do take slight issue with the use of synephrine though, as long as there’s even an outside chance of health complications, we’re not comfortable with its use. Stoppani’s website is focused more on exercise and diet plans, while the supplements are sold through separate retail sites. That means two things: One, reviews, which, though overwhelmingly positive, are often just extended user comments which lack the detail and credibility of full testimonials. Also, refund policy will vary depending on where you buy.

The synephrine is a real problem for me Larry. Do you want headaches and high blood pressure from your natural supplement?
Shoot no. That's what my ex wife is for Chase.


Instant Knockout

There’s only place you’re going to find Instant Knockout and that’s on the official website. Unfortunately this means little opportunity to shop smart and try to shave a little of the price, but at least it provides a degree of safety and consistency to your purchase. You’re always getting the real thing from the original source. This burner is shipped from both the U.S & U.K to worldwide so you shouldn’t have to miss out. The Roar Ambition team are accessible for questions via email on the site.

Shred Jym

Shred Jym on the other hand is widely available from a number of big retailers, such as Amazon, and GNC. This means every chance of getting some additional savings, but it also means things like refunds and shipping times and approach to customer service questions vary depending on where you buy. Another plus though is these stores have big reach, so there’s every chance of sourcing it from somewhere no matter where you live.

So after a decent start Shred Jym fades leaving Instant Knockout the winner.
Great showing from the fat burning champ Larry. It's going to take something special to knock down this knockout.

Winner: Instant Knockout

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