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Hello folks and welcome once again to another exciting Battle Royal! I'm Larry Leroux, alongside Chase Gains. Today Instant Knockout from Roar Ambition, takes on challenger LeanMode, of Evlution Nutrition. This one should be a real barn burner.
Pretty sure it's pronounced 'fat' burner, Larry.


Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout has all the tools to get the job done. It’s packing 500mg of green tea and 100mg of cayenne pepper to really turn up the heat and melt some serious calories. Green tea’s another quality burner and crucially there’s 350mg of caffeine, to boost metabolism and avoid energy crashes. 500mg of Glucomannan is able to effectively block those hunger attacks and 4 servings means this formula’s going to go to work all day long.

Green tea, caffeine AND cayenne pepper? That's a lot of thermogenesis, Chase. Hot stuff. Somebody turn on the fans!
There's a fan of Instant Knockout right here, Larry, and I don't mind telling you, I'm a little turned on.


LeanMode also has green tea and green coffee bean, but the dosages are a let-down. It actually has slightly more green coffee bean but only a 5th of the green tea. 1000mg is taken up by CLA, a caffeine replacement proven ineffective at stimulating metabolism. Plus there’s another 1000mg of L-Carnitine, an energy booster the jury’s still out on and Garcina Cambogia, an appetite suppressant which doesn’t exactly have glowing clinical trial reports.

The tactics here are all wrong Larry. The wrong choices have left it pretty week. At just 2 serving a day I don't see it lasting the distance.
It all sounded so promising, Chase. But if you don't have what it takes, when it's time to go to work, you're going to get found out.


Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout isn’t the most expensive burner out there, but at $60/£35 nobody’s pretending it’s cheap either. If this round was just about price, the LeanMode would obviously have the edge, but we’re looking at value for money here. Because Instant Knockout is strong across the board and ticks all the boxes for getting results, it’s still our pick despite the being more expensive. If you can budget for it you should.


For LeanMode the reverse is true. At around $20/£20 it’s considerably cheaper than Instant Knockout, but it’s also much less convincing as a product. You may feel like you’re saving money in the short term, but if you need more of it to see changes, the cost soon racks up. You’ll probably run out of patience before you run out of money though. It’s always good to have a budget option to fall back on, but this wouldn’t be ours.

These burners can cost a pretty penny, am I right, Chase?
No question, Larry. But if you go for an inferior product you're not just cutting price, you're cutting corners. If I want results and I can afford it, I'm going premium penthouse over bargain basement every time.


Instant Knockout

Trust is another important area where Instant Knockout is rock solid. Not only is it manufactured in line with cGMP regulations, you have a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. The testimonials on the website are varied and in-depth, from real people who give plenty info in written and media form. It’s a level of detail you don’t get form many other brands.


LeanMode checks out as safe to take at least, because it’s also cGMP certified. Plus Evlution Nutrition is a big company so there’s no question of a scam. But after that there’s nothing but questions. There are a lot of poor ingredients here being passed off as the most effective way to burn fat. Most of mixed feedback comes from reviews on retail sites, which lack the credibility testimonials.

Looks like Instant Knockout has the edge again on trust, Chase.
Absotively, Larry. Don't forget Instant Knockout was originally created for MMA fighters. You DO NOT want to try and scam those boys and girls.


Instant Knockout

One drawback of Instant Knockout is that it’s only available from the official website. That means there’s no chance to shop around for a better deal price wise. One upside of that though is there’s no chance of falling for inferior copycat products. It distributes from the U.S and U.K worldwide so you’ve no worries no matter where you are. The Roar Ambition team are also easily contactable via email with any questions you might have.


LeanMode is on sale from a number of online stores, as well as the official which means there’s a lot more chance of price cuts. Some of these retailers – like Amazon – have global reach so you’ve every chance of getting it where you are. Evlution Nutrition can be messaged on their website but getting it from a third party slightly muddies the waters about who’s liable if there’s a problem.

This has been a dominant display by Instant Knockout Larry. I've got it winning every round here.
Difficult to disagree partner. LeanMode's only shot was a cheap shot in round 2, but low price is no match for high performance

Winner: Instant Knockout

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