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Welcome one, welcome all to another Battle Royale. I'm Larry Leroux alongside Chase Gains as Instant Knockout from Roar Ambition, takes on Blade, by Blue Star Nutraceuticals.
Let's see if Blade can cut fan favorite Instant Knockout down to size, Larry.


Instant Knockout

The most important part of any burner is the formula and you can see that’s what the Instant Knockout team have focused most on. 500mg of a proven burner like green tea, backed up with 100mg of equally impressive workers like green coffee bean and cayenne pepper. There’s plenty of caffeine to guard against energy slumps and boost your metabolism while the high fiber content of glucomannan keeps you feeling fuller so you don’t cave to the crave. 4 servings a day well have you well supported for as long as you need it.

That's why Instant Knockout is so strong right there Larry, it's an all-rounder.
An all-rounder perfectly placed to make you less rounder, am I right, Chase?


Blade starts out with an impressive 450mg of sweet pepper, this is supposed to work in the same way as cayenne pepper but doesn’t have quite the calorie melting kick. There’s green tea too, but only 300mg. Another 400mg of L-Carnitine looks good but research suggests it needs to be much higher to influence energy levels. There’s a decent amount of caffeine but it’s paired with synephrine which in rare cases has caused serious side effects. 2 or 3 ingredients are in a small proprietary blend (meaning we don’t know their dosage) and you only get 2 servings a day, which are supposed to last 24hrs.

Not quite as complete there, Chase?
Exactaloutely Larry. Synephrine is a real worry. Combined with caffeine it can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and high blood pressure. We go natural to stay away from all that crap.


Instant Knockout

At $60/£35, if Instant Knockout has room for improvement it’s probably here. You might wince a little at handing over that much cash monthly to begin with, but as its fat burning quality starts to take effect, hopefully you’ll come to consider it a sound investment and your doubt falls away as the weight does. Is it expensive? Yes. But is it value for money? No doubt


We might think Blade is missing a few things from the formula, but at $69/£39 what it’s not short of is confidence. Between falling short of of Instant Knockout in some areas and potential concern over side effects it’s hard to see how Blade can justify charging this much. It’s not the most expensive burner on the market but it’s still pretty steep and for what it is, not great value.

Blade going toe to toe on price with Instant Knockout then, is that a good idea?
Not for me Larry. Their both a big ask, Larry, but it's Instant Knockout that justifies it. If I wanted to pay a high price for more risk I'd go base jumping.


Instant Knockout

You can rest easy when it comes to the reliability of Instant Knockout manufactured to cGMP standard, there’s also a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re happy with your purchase. There are also plenty of detailed testimonials from a variety of users at different stages of their weight loss journey. The fans provide not only written statments but before and after pictures and some videos. It’s a reassuring amount of info.


Blade is also okay by cGMP regulations and Blue Star Nutraceuticals doesn’t appear to be any kind of scam, The real trust problems are the potential for side effects and the proprietary blend. Okay it’s only a small one but there’s no excuse for not letting a paying (and ingesting) customer in on what they’re taking. In fairness though you are offered a 60 day money back promise if you have any kind of issue.

Where do you stand on on proprietary blends and hidden dosages, Chase?
A disgrace Larry. If my cousin's bachelor party taught me anything it's that you don't put it in your mouth untill you know exactly what you're getting.


Instant Knockout

Unfortunately, since Instant Kockout is only available from the official website, the price you see is the only price you get. A discount might be nice, butthen again at least you’re always sure you’re getting the real thing. It ships from locations in the U.S and U.K all around the world and the customer service team are easily contactable via the email address on the site.


Blade is available either from the offical Blue Star site or big online retail outlets like It’s only distributed from the U.S but also ships to the U.K, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Austrailia and New Zealand. You can expect up to a month long wait if you’re one of those further away though. There’s also a $10 flat rate shipping fee domestically and more again for international orders. The team are reachable through an interactive on site Q&A and a U.S phone number.

Well that was pretty one sided Larry. Blade just didn't look sharp enough tonight.
Isn't that just like a flop? Brings a Blade to a fat burning fight

Winner: Instant Knockout

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