Branded Food and Beverage Sales

To introduce their products to children at an early age, companies sign contracts with schools around the country to sell branded foods and beverages in schools.  Despite recent improvements in nutrition quality of foods served in schools, uhealthy foods and drinks continue to be advertised and sold on school grounds.


Branded Fast Food in Cafeterias. Restaurant chains, including Domino’s pizza sell their products in schools around the country. Daily access to these products in the cafeteria not only increases students’ consumption of them in school, but also their brand loyalty and consumption outside of school.  


Packaged Breakfasts. Companies like Kellogg’s and General Mills have partnered with schools to provide grab-and-go breakfasts for students. These breakfasts give students brand-name products so they know to ask for them at home.


Vending Machines. Vending machines– regardless of what’s inside – often display brand logos for unhealthy foods and beverages.


Exclusive Contracts. Exclusive beverage contracts obligate schools to only sell and advertise products from one company in exchange for minimal financial incentives. On average 67% of the revenue generated through exclusive contracts goes to the beverage company; most participating schools earn less than $20 per student. Half of all middle school students and 70 percent of high school students attend schools with exclusive beverage contracts.

Best Practices:

• Work with your school or district to revise the wellness policy to minimize or prohibit the sale and advertisement of unhealthy branded products on school property.

Learn More:

To learn more about branded foods and beverages, and vending, visit:

Bridging the Gap: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation research brief on commercialization in schools

For more information about exclusive beverage contracts, the financial contribution they provide to schools, and how marketing associated with the contracts impacts students, visit:

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Take Action

  • Raise Awareness
  • Healthy Fundraising
  • strengthen Wellness Policies
  • Legislative Solutions