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When you send your child to school in the morning, you expect they will learn about math, reading, science and the arts.  But you probably don’t expect them to learn loyalty to food brands. The food and beverage industry spends $150 million a year to market their products to a captive audience of 30 million students in elementary, middle and high schools around the country.  

Exposure to food marketing has a direct and powerful impact on young people’s food and beverage preferences and negatively affects their diets, weight, and health. Teachers and parents encourage students to eat healthfully. Unhealthy food marketing undermines those efforts.

There is a strong connection between healthy students and academic success. Schools have obligations that extend beyond classroom learning.  By demanding that companies are not allowed to deliver unhealthy messages to our children in their schools, we are promoting the wellbeing and achievement of our kids.

Learn about unhealthy food marketing that may be going on in your child's school -- and what you can do about it: