Empowering Parent Advocates

At the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, we recognize the impact of the school environment on children's health, and the power of parents to change that environment. Rudd 'Roots Parents uses Rudd Center research to support the grassroots efforts of parent advocates.

Together we can create change

Rudd 'Roots provides parents with resources for building community, garnering support of key stakeholders, gathering information, and proposing policy changes for healthier schools. 

The School Food section addresses food in the cafeteria, snacks, and vending machines; the Food Marketing section looks at the many places kids are marketed to in schools; and the Weight Bias & Bullying section explores weight-based bullying, teasing, and discrimination in a number of settings. Our Take Action! page will connect you to other advocates through our social media communities,  and if you aren't sure where to begin, Advocacy 101 will point you in the right direction, and contains a collection of resources to help you learn about and take action on the issues you care about.